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Foundations & Endowment Funds

At Gofen and Glossberg, we recognize that endowment funds are critical not just to the institutions they serve, but to our society as a whole. We work with trustees to help their institutions achieve their mission by ensuring that funds are managed to meet near-term obligations as well as to provide for future generations.


Today’s endowment fund trustee faces many challenges: making vital decisions in complex and volatile investment markets, balancing current financial needs while protecting assets for future generations, and generally dealing with social pressures and budgetary constraints.

At Gofen and Glossberg, we understand a trustee’s position. We have been providing professional investment management services for schools, foundations, hospitals, religious organizations, and cultural institutions for many decades. In addition, our principals serve as trustees of a wide range of non-profit organizations, which gives us a wealth of first-hand experience and valuable insight into the specialized investment needs and concerns of client trustees.


Because endowment fund trustees often feel a personal as well as a fiduciary responsibility for their fund’s assets, we strive to provide the highest level of personal attention and service. Each client works directly with one of our senior portfolio managers, who is further supported by a second portfolio manager and an account administrator. This ensures that each portfolio receives constant supervision, and that there is always someone familiar with the fund’s investments available to answer questions. 

To develop an appropriate strategy for an endowment fund portfolio, we begin by examining or creating the investment policy that guides the risk tolerance and portfolio management decisions. Our objective is twofold: to ensure that there are sufficient funds to address current obligations; and to enhance the capital value of the fund’s asset pool to expand its ability to meet future needs. The goal is for portfolios to achieve both total return and absolute dollar targets, within the limits of appropriate risk. Whether the foundation or endowment fund requires all equity management, all fixed income management, or a balanced account management approach, we always tailor each portfolio to meet a fund’s specific objectives.

If you are an endowment fund or foundation trustee or administrator, we invite you to call for an appointment to review your fund’s position and its ability to meet current and future needs. 

For more than 80 years, clients have turned to Gofen and Glossberg for financial advice and long-term planning. As independent investment counsellors, we provide portfolio management services for individuals, families, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, trade associations, and corporate entities.